Shuttle To La Paz From Cabo

Shuttle To Lapaz

A great new transportation option is making the journey to and from La Paz and the San Jose del Cabo airport much more pleasant.

Several resorts and businesses in La Paz (including Paraiso del Mar, Turismo, La Paz Emprohotur, Bahia de los Suenos, Costa Baja, Ntremares, Azul de Cortez and Ecobaja Tours) have banded together to sponsor a “luxury” express shuttle bus. Here’s the link:

Shuttle To La Paz

Route Between La Paz & Cabo

Upon arrival, Shuttle To La Paz leaves directly from the SJC airport, so you don’t have to go to the bus terminal in San Jose and transfer to the regular bus that makes every stop along the way through Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos.

Shuttle To La Paz takes the more direct east cape route. Making no other stops, the trip lasts about three hours each way. The bus is comfortable, the drivers are very cautious and the scenery … as you well know … is GORGEOUS!

Schedule & Price

The fare is $325 pesos per person, each way.

You can reserve seats.

The shuttle leaves from Terminal 1 at SJC at approximately 2:30 PM and 5 PM.

The shuttle leaves from the bus terminal on the Malecon in La Paz at approximately 7 AM and 9 AM.

Contact Shuttle To La Paz

You can make reservations online and pay with your credit card at Shuttle To La Paz. Phone numbers:

01-800-026-8331 Mexico
1-888-822-9925 U.S.

I wouldn’t count on reaching someone who can speak English, however.

I have taken this shuttle on three separate occasions now, and each time found it a pleasant and efficient way to get to and from La Paz and the San Jose del Cabo airport.

Paraiso del Mar Golf Course Rated Top 4!

Have you considered La Paz as one of the world’s top golf destinations?  Maybe it’s time you join many golfers from the Los Cabos area and pay us a visit.

The editors of Golf Magazine rated our course at Paraiso del Mar as one of the Top 5 Best New International Golf Courses of 2009! The Paraiso del Mar course – the first golf course in La Paz – is ranked #4 in fact, and you can read about it yourself in the Golf Magazine January 2010 Issue.

I don’t claim to be an expert golfer though I’ve golfed on and off most of my adult life. From the few lessons I’ve taken from Matt, the golf pro at Paraiso del Mar, I can tell you that he’s really good.

 Designed by Arthur Hills, the course is far more challenging than it appears at first. With the Sea of Crotez on one side, the Bay of La Paz on the other, and the dramatic mountains of Baja Sur, the scenery is so gorgeous how could you help but get distracted?

To reach Paraiso del Mar, you can drive around the Mogote Peninsula, but the best and most relaxing way to get there is by water taxi on the Malecon, operated by the resort.

The temporary clubhouse has a small pro shop and patio restaurant with delicious and reasonably priced food. I believe there is a package deal for non-members that includes transport, lunch and a round of golf. I’ll get more details on the current package when I next visit in April.

If you’d like to learn  more about playing a game or two at Paraiso del Mar, or if you’d like to find out about buying a house or condo on the resort, I’d be glad to answer any questions. Feel free to email me:

Meet you on the green …

Hurricane Rick Slows Down

Hurricane Rick did reach Category 5, peaking at 180 mph. Rick’s track still threatens to stir up Cabo San Lucas, disrupting a major sport fishing tournament in the process. However, Rick is slowing down as predicted.

By the time we read one prediction, a news agency has posted a different one. Suffice it to say, they cannot predict exactly where Hurricane Rick will touch land but the general consensus is wind force will be somewhere between 80 and 110 mph.

That’s still a fearsome gale, if you’re caught in it. We endured 100 mph winds during a freak hurricane in Washington State three Decembers ago. Power was out all over the region ranging from a few days to three weeks, with much property damage and several deaths. Crews were brought from Canada and other states to help with cleanup and repair.

There are fewer trees to land on power lines in Baja, but flood from the rains that come with hurricanes causes major damage after the winds have passed. Concentrated water gushes down the valleys from mountain peaks into towns and cities such as Los Cabos and La Paz. Streets become rivers.

By tomrrow night we should know where Hurricane Rick has landed and how residents and property will fare. Prayers can only help!

Hurricane Rick Hurling Toward Baja

While my beloved wife, Linda, is not thrilled that the strongest Mexican hurricane on record (1997) is named after her, we are praying that Hurricane Rick does not push past second place to claim the crown.

Hurricane Rick is barreling north along the Pacific coast of Mexico, picking up speed and girth over the warm water. Forecasters predict Rick will become a Category 5 hurricane, but expect it to fizzle to a Category 1 hurricane before hitting land.

That will be a blessing. Los Cabos and La Paz were spared major damage from the recent Hurricane Jimena, but towns to the north in Baja suffered major damage. The recovery process will be long and difficult, and these suffering people do not need to go through it again already.

We fly to La Paz in less than two weeks. We’ll know the outcome of Hurricane Rick  by then, so I’ll be able to report the news from the ground.

Hopefully the internet will be connected in our house by the time we get there!

Baggage Carry-on At La Paz, Mexico Airport

WARNING!  Pack your carry-on bags prudently the next time you depart from Mexico!

If anyone knows specifics of a new carry-on policy in Mexico, I’d love to hear them. For now I can only share my experience departing from the La Paz International airport two weeks ago. It happened quickly and airport staff was not long on details.

The usual bag inspection procedure in Mexico involves hand-inspecting all checked luggage prior to checking in.  Carry-ons are X-rayed at the security checkpoint, then hand inspected prior to boarding.

On this trip I had no checked luggage – only a camera bag as my “personal item” and a 10 x 18 inch carry-on with wheels that easily fits in the overhead of the small jets flying out of La Paz. When the inspector grabbed my roller prior to checking in, I informed him it was carry-on but he insisted on hand inspecting.  

When he finished inspecting the bag,  I tried to retrieve it but he would not let me touch it. He carried it over to the counter, just as though it were checked luggage. The inspector pointed to a sign that said something about new carryon policies.  He said it would be gate checked, and available immediately upon arrival in Los Angeles. ”Period. End of conversation. Next…”

There was little I could do without creating a scene. You can imagine my relief to find the large sum of cash and prescription medication were still in the bag when I picked it up at LAX.

Mexican authorities may be trying to cut down on the hand inspections conducted at the gate on all carry-on bags. What I don’t know is…

… whether this policy is only for Alaska Airline flights because  people try to take everything in carry-ons after Alaska’s new policy to charge for checked bags, or

… whether they were only confiscating carry-ons with wheels, or

… whether this policy is only in La Paz or all of Mexico, or

… whether it is permanent or one of Mexico’s temporary security checks.

Until we know more, be very careful to keep cash, valuables, medication, cameras, the book you plan to read, etc. in your clothing or a very small bag that you can be sure of carrying on the plane as your “personal item.”

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